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The People’s Trust for Endangered Species has written to highlight that their survey shows that “hedgehogs have declined by a third in the UK over the last ten years and by as much as half in some regions”.

There is an ongoing campaign known as “Hedgehog Street” which is making progress but there is still much more to be done.

The reasons for the decline are given as  poor hedgerows, larger agricultural fields, use of pesticides, and busier roads.

It is especially important to restore hedgerows to provide shelter and for field margins and grasslands to be sensitively managed.

For more information, please log on to:http://www.hedgehogstreet.org/

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There are currently efforts being made to introduce better regulation of food speculation. The World Development Movement and Fairtrade Foundation state that “the manipulation of commodity markets by hedge funds in London and New York can affect the lives of millions of farmers thousands of miles away.”  Work is underway to seeks increased transparency of deals made and also, to introduce limits on the speculation of commodities. Further details from the World Development Movement at: http://www.wdm.org.uk/food-speculation?dm_i=5QB,843J,1O974J,KROP,1

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DONATE, DON ‘ ‘T  WASTE … is a powerful campaign by Association of  Charity shops. The main aim of the campaign is to urge people to donate their unwanted clothes by decreasing the amount of landfill dumping, thereby encouraging green living.This is a very thoughtful campaign which can persuade  people  to think before trashing their unwanted yet useful clothes which may not be worn from years.

If each UK household donated one extra black bin bag of clothing, we could save 25 million bags from landfill and raise over £740 million for charity. Clothes which cannot be sold in-store can be sold to textile merchants to raise money for good causes.(Contents from http://www.charityshops.org.uk/donate.html).

For more information : http://www.charityshops.org.uk/donate.html

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