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The development of Spuds for Buddies (Phase 3) was impacted upon by the Covid 19 pandemic. During 2021, we planted 400 seed potatoes within planters at the school grounds of St. James/Mossvale Primaries and at the Disability Resource Centre.

The potatoes were harvested by P7 pupils and volunteers for distribution to families in the North Paisley area. 

Cotton bags were provided with thanks to the Unpaid Work Team of Renfrewshire Council.

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Renfrewshire Environmental Trust is seeking to expand community gardening activities enabling local school pupil and nursery groups to enhance their social skills, self-confidence and work experience.

“Home Guard” potatoes ready for planting.

During March 2022, we are supporting practical gardening tasks using potato growing in schools/community venues. This will share understanding of where food comes from and how to care for the local environment. We hope this will help to reduce vandalism to local gardens, making the area more attractive and promotes maintenance of local greenspaces for use by all ages.

Some of the planters used for growing potatoes.

We are working with 6 nurseries, two primary schools and an after school group. This project is possible with funding from North Paisley Area Partnership and the Rozelle Trust.

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