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DONATE, DON ‘ ‘T  WASTE … is a powerful campaign by Association of  Charity shops. The main aim of the campaign is to urge people to donate their unwanted clothes by decreasing the amount of landfill dumping, thereby encouraging green living.This is a very thoughtful campaign which can persuade  people  to think before trashing their unwanted yet useful clothes which may not be worn from years.

If each UK household donated one extra black bin bag of clothing, we could save 25 million bags from landfill and raise over £740 million for charity. Clothes which cannot be sold in-store can be sold to textile merchants to raise money for good causes.(Contents from http://www.charityshops.org.uk/donate.html).

For more information : http://www.charityshops.org.uk/donate.html

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BP’s oil spill took place on 20th of April, 2010 at  Gulf of Mexico due to the explosion of deepwater horizon drilling rig, taking 11 lives of plat form workers and injuring many others. It has altered surrounding eco system, damaging aquatic life and most importantly causing great devastation to the local region and population. The impact the oil spill is so disastrous that, it will continue to grow causing even more catastrophic effects. This incident is now considered as worst oil spill in US  history  till date, which surpasses Exxon Valdez tanker tragedy twenty years ago.( www.huffingtonpost.com)

Even though the  exact cause of the incident is still unclear, there is a suspicion that, build up of pressure in the  ultra deepwater has caused the explosion.BP  is trying to tackle the problem in number of ways. It has showered the sea with 76,000 tons of dispersant to break up the oil, boats are being used to skim the thick oil suspends.As a safety measure, Bp has set up barriers stretching several miles along the coastal shore. Under the surface, six robots are still trying to close the valve that was meant to prevent explosions. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/7677217/Gulf-of-Mexico-oil-spill-a-QandA.html.

More effective steps should be taken to stop the oil spill  as its hampering  the lives of aquatic and bird population, causing trouble to local fisherman and agriculture and most importantly  its disturbing mother nature.

Pictures Courtesy: www.huffingtonpost.com

US oil spill explained

BP Oil Spill Effect on Wildlife

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