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Carbon foot printing is nothing but release of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous oxide (N2O), Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) etc, in to the atmosphere directly or indirectly by a person, group, event, organization or product.

As an individual, we should try to put in some effort to minimize the emission of green house gases (GHG’s) into the surrounding environment and we must also educate our friends and family about the benefits of lessening GHG’s by adopting very simple alternatives in daily life.

GHG’s are also released by activities taking place in organization/events which includes direct and indirect emissions. Direct emissions are from onsite fuel consumption, manufacturing works, company vehicles and transportation, process emissions etc. whereas indirect emissions are caused by unnecessary usage of electricity and heat. Frequent business travels, waste/refuse disposal, paper wastes, water /food waste can also add to it.

Product carbon footprint is caused by emission of GHG’s at every stage of product’s life starting from extraction, production and transportation of raw materials to waste disposal.

After identifying various kinds of foot printing, next step is calculating it and reduce it.There are so many ways to mitigate our carbon foot prints: Here are some tips to reduce carbon foot print from www.carbonfootprint.com

For Individuals

Here’s a list of simple things you can do immediately

  • · Turn it off when not in use (lights, television, DVD player, Hi Fi, computer etc. etc. …) Click here to find out which electrical items in your household are contribute the most to your Carbon Footprint
  • · Turn down the central heating slightly (try just 1 to 2 degrees C)
  • · Turn down the water heating setting (just 2 degrees will make a significant saving)
  • · Check the central heating timer setting – remember there is no point heating the house after you have left for work
  • · Fill your dish washer and washing machine with a full load – this will save you water, electricity, and washing powder
  • · Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need
  • · Do your weekly shopping in a single trip
  • · Hang out the washing to dry rather than tumble drying it
  • · Sign up to a green energy supplier, who will supply electricity from renewable sources (e.g. wind and hydroelectric power) – this will reduce your carbon footprint contribution from electricity to zero

The following is a list of items that may take an initial investment, but should pay for themselves over the course of 1-4 years through savings on your energy bills.

  • · Fit energy saving light bulbs
  • · Install thermostatic valves on your radiators
  • · Insulate your hot water tank, your loft and your walls
  • · Installing cavity wall installation
  • · By installing 180mm thick loft insulation
  • · Recycle your grey water
  • · Replace your old fridge / freezer (if it is over 15 years old), with a new one with energy efficiency rating of “A”
  • · Replace your old boiler with a new energy efficient condensing boiler

Travel less and travel more carbon footprint friendly.

  • · Car share to work, or for the kids school run
  • · Use the bus or a train rather than your car
  • · For short journeys either walk or cycle
  • · Try to reduce the number of flights you take
  • · See if your employer will allow you to work from home one day a week
  • · Next time you replace your car – check out diesel engines. With one of these you can even make your own Biodiesel fuel. Find out more about Biodiesel.
  • · When staying in a hotel – turn the lights and air-conditioning off when you leave your hotel room, and ask for your room towels to be washed every other day, rather than every day

As well as your primary carbon footprint, there is also a secondary footprint that you cause through your buying habits.

  • · Don’t buy bottled water if your tap water is safe to drink
  • · Buy local fruit and vegetables, or even try growing your own
  • · Buy foods that are in season locally
  • · Don’t buy fresh fruit and vegetables which are out of season, they may have been flown in
  • · Reduce your consumption of meat
  • · Try to only buy products made close to home (look out and avoid items that are made in the distant lands)
  • · Buy organic produce
  • · Don’t buy over packaged products
  • · Recycle as much as possible
  • · Think carefully about the type of activities you do in your spare time. Does any of this cause an increase in carbon emissions? E.g. Saunas, Health clubs, restaurants and pubs, go-karting etc. etc…

There are so many useful websites to browse up on. Some are listed here.






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Spring 2010 is an exciting  season of performances,exhibitions and loads of events.Something can be found for each and everyone  like drama,dance,music and entertainment,comedy,exhibitions, talks and community events.There are several activities and programmes for children which will keep them entertained.For further information and to book a place please visit www. Renfrewshire. gov.. uk/events & www.scottishtheatres.com.

Contact :  ram.els@renfrewshire.gov.uk / phone : 01418871010 if you would like to be added for customer information list or have any comments.

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Robert Tannahill was a famous Scottish poet born to weavers family. He was born at castle street in paisley on June 3rd,1774. Some of Robert Tannahill’s best work was inspired by his walks around Paisley in the Gleniffer Braes, Stanely and Ferguslie.His famous work includes “Thou Bonnie Wood o’ Craigie-lea” and “The Braes o’ Gleniffer”.

Robert Tannahil breathed his last on 17th may 1810 ,in a culvert at the Candren Burn in Paisley, in the early hours of the morning.

On May 17th, 2010,Tannahill’s  200th Anniversary is being held,which is followed by series of events like….

1. Robert Tannahill Exhibition – 10th to 24th May

2.Tannhill Walk –  19th May, 2010 at 10.30 AM

3.The Robert Tannahill Bicentenary Concert – 21st May at 8 PM

More detailed information can be found on www.roberttannahillfederation.com

www. Renfrewshire. gov..UK

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Go! Renfrewshire 2010 is a two-week festival to rejoice and enjoy great outdoors and fresh air of Renfrewshire which is running from 22nd May to 6th June, 2010.

It’s a great way to explore beautiful countryside, join in for various kinds of walks, cycle rides, horse rides, rowing, kayaking, jogging, picnics, and treasure hunts and can even try tai chi using Scottish outdoor access code.

The good news is most of the events are free and there is something for everyone.

Full details and programme listings can be found on pdf document in the link provided below.


“Stay Active, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy and Have Fun”

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