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Edible Paisley

We’re rethinking access to local food, from the ground up. We’re are planning to grow fruit, herbs, vegetables and edible flowers in public and unused spaces across North Paisley for everyone to share. This year, the project will establish and care for 2 edible growing sites. This is funded by Greggs and Action Earth.

In the last three months, we have identified two locations for raised planters in the Shortroods area. Also, members of the unpaid work team of Renfrewshire Council have completed the building of two raised beds for the project.

Through consultation with residents of the Springbank Road Sheltered Housing, it was agreed one of the planters could be sited on a grassed area nearby. Residents identified their favourite plants to put in the planters including Heathers, Japonica, Forsythia, Deciduous Azalea, Lavender, Hydrangea, Buddleia and Chives.

22052019 011

This planter was delivered and filled with soil by the Unpaid Work Team. It was planted by a resident from Springbank Road Sheltered Housing in May 2019.

In addition, further to discussion with staff of the Love Street Medical Centre, it was agreed to locate the second planter in an open space next to their car park. A survey was issued for patients to provide their suggestions for plants and the list of suggestions received included Pansies, Lavender, anything blue, and a tree in the middle.

22052019 014

This planter was also delivered and filled with soil by the Unpaid Work Team with support from the Disability Resource Centre. It was planted by a volunteer and a staff member in May 2019.

We are recruiting volunteers interested in supporting development of this project. Community involvement will be supported with people taking part in the project workshops and community events. This aims to support educational activities and information about food growing and caring for the environment. These sites will raise awareness and build community around the shared tasks of cultivation of trees, shrubs and edible plants.

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