The Renfrewshire Greenmap

What is a Green Map

Green Maps are locally created environmentally themed maps which use a universal symbol set and map making resources provided by the non-profit Green Map System. An online Green Map plots the locations of a community&quo;s natural, cultural and sustainable resources such as recycling centres, heritage sites, community gardens, toxic waste sites and socially conscious businesses.

Aim of the Green Map Resource

The purpose of the green map is to act as a community resource plotting the location and contact information of Renfrewshire's natural, cultural and sustainable resources. The Green Map project is also intended to provide a mechanism for environmental project community collaboration, information sharing and also provide links to extra community resources such as websites and downloadable material. The green Map is delivered via the Internet in the form of a website showing a map of Renfrewshire, with zoom and move around control, and with themed icons plotting the location of Renfrewshire's natural, cultural and sustainable resources. When clicked the icons bring up information boxes explaining the resource/item and showing appropriate basic information as well as any links to further information and resources.

Visit the Renfrewshire Green Map

You can view the green map here..

About Renfrewshire Environmental Trust

Renfrewshire Environmental Trust assists volunteers and community groups interested in improving greenspace, community gardens, wildlife habitats, walking and cycling routes, play parks, sports facilities, heritage sites and listed buildings.

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