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Renfrewshire Environmental Trust (RET) was established in 1997 for the distribution and management of landfill tax from Renfrewshire Council´s own landfill site at Linwood and from Shanks Greengairs landfill site in Lanarkshire on a partnership agreement with EB Scotland. We are a local umbrella body for the environment in Renfrewshire. We are a Company Limited by Guarantee, and have Charitable Status.

As the landfill tax income began to dry up, we diversified into the development of projects with Community Planning Partners, using our excellent track record to attract funding to these projects from a variety of new sources.

Sustainable Development

Our core business is to drive forward a range of sustainable development activities, and we have expertise in developing and promoting projects and programmes which support learning through sustainable development.

Where groups do not have the confidence, legal status, track record or organisational resources to bid for funds directly, we can apply for funding, act as grant holder, and support groups to deliver agreed outcomes.

Our Associations

RET is uniquely placed for networking within the voluntary, community and private sectors, particularly Housing Associations, commercial and community businesses. We have a long standing relationship with Renfrewshire Council, and a long history of community engagement.

About Renfrewshire Environmental Trust

Renfrewshire Environmental Trust assists volunteers and community groups interested in improving greenspace, community gardens, wildlife habitats, walking and cycling routes, play parks, sports facilities, heritage sites and listed buildings.

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